How to Easily Automate Your Remote Start

Automate Your Remote Start

Hey there, are you tired of going out to your vehicle in the freezing cold weather just to start it up and warm it? There’s an easy solution – remote start automation. With a remote starter installed on your vehicle, you can start your engine from the comfort of your home using a key fob. No more scraping off icy windshields or shivering while the heat kicks in.

Automate Your Remote Start : In this article, we’ll walk you through how to choose and install a remote starter on your vehicle. We’ll go over the different types available, what features to consider based on where you live, how to find a reputable installer, and what you can expect to pay. With some basic information, you’ll be automatically starting your vehicle in no time from the cozy warmth of your home. Why be cold when technology can do the work for you? Read on to learn how you can gain this luxury and convenience for yourself. Your vehicle will be ready and waiting in comfort for you before you even step outside.

Automate Your Remote Start

Automate Your Remote Start

What Is Remote Start Automation?

Remote start automation allows you to start your vehicle’s engine from inside your home using a remote control or smartphone app. ###

With remote start automation installed, you can start your vehicle’s engine remotely. This allows the interior temperature to adjust so you can get into a warm vehicle in the winter or a cool one in the summer. All you have to do is press a button on your key fob remote or tap an icon in your vehicle’s mobile app.

The range of most remote start systems is around 1,000 feet, allowing you to start your vehicle from inside your home or office. The engine will run for around 10-15 minutes before automatically shutting off for safety and security reasons.

Remote start kits typically include an antenna that picks up the signal from your key fob or mobile device and transmits it to your vehicle’s starter system. Professional installation is recommended to ensure all components are properly wired and connected.

Remote start automation is convenient but also provides peace of mind. On cold winter mornings, you can start your vehicle ahead of time so the interior is heated and defrosted before you have to go out in the cold. You can also schedule automatic starts at preset times.

For many people, the benefits of remote start automation far outweigh the costs. It’s an affordable luxury that provides convenience, comfort, and security for your vehicle. If that sounds good to you, talk to your local automotive audio shop about options to automate your remote start.

The Benefits of Automating Your Remote Start

Automating your remote start means never having to go outside in the cold or rain to start your vehicle again.


Being able to start your vehicle remotely from the comfort of your home is incredibly convenient, especially on bitterly cold winter days or during heavy rain. No more rushing through the elements or scraping ice off the windshield. With the push of a button, your vehicle will start automatically so it’s warmed up and ready to go by the time you make it outside.

Added security

An automated remote start system also provides extra security for your vehicle. The engine will turn off automatically if someone tries to drive off without a key in the ignition, and the system sends an alert to your key fob or smartphone app if an unauthorized start is attempted. Some systems also allow you to set a runtime limit so the engine turns off after a certain number of minutes.

Access from anywhere

The latest remote start systems are connected, allowing you to start your vehicle from anywhere in the world using a smartphone app. As long as you have cell service or an internet connection, you have the power to start your vehicle remotely no matter where you are. Some systems even allow you schedule start times so your vehicle is automatically warmed up and ready to go at a preset time.

With so many benefits, adding an automated remote start system to your vehicle is well worth considering. Contact a trusted local dealership or mechanic to explore your options and find a system that suits your needs and budget. Your future self will thank you every time you start your perfectly preheated vehicle from the comfort of your home.

Automate Your Remote Start

Choosing the Right Remote Start System

Choosing a remote start system these days is easier than ever with so many great options available. Here are some factors to consider:


The range refers to how far away you can be from your vehicle and still start it remotely. If you only need to start your vehicle from inside your home, a basic range of around 1,000 feet should work fine. However, if you want the flexibility to start it from farther away, like from your office or when out running errands, look for a longer range of at least 1/4 mile up to 1 mile. The range will depend on the system, as well as whether it uses a radio frequency or cellular connectivity.


Radio frequency (RF) systems provide a reliable connection but typically have a shorter range, while cellular connectivity offers an unlimited range but requires an additional monthly service fee. RF systems are often more affordable upfront but are limited by the range. Cellular systems provide the convenience of starting your vehicle from anywhere with cell service but do have ongoing costs. For most, an RF system with a range of at least 1/4 mile is a good, affordable option.


Consider what other features are important like a built-in alarm, door locks, trunk release or auxiliary outputs to control other devices. Two-way communication allows you to receive alerts if your alarm goes off. Temperature sensors can automatically start your vehicle if the interior temperature drops too low. Look for a system that has the features that match how you plan to use the remote start.


For DIYers, look for a system that is easy to install yourself to save on costs. Many come with step-by-step instructions and take just a few hours. However, if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, consider paying an audio shop to professionally install it. Professional installation will ensure it’s done properly and may provide a warranty.

With so many great remote start options, you can’t go wrong. Choose a system with the right range, connectivity, features, and installation for how and where you need to use it. Staying cozy has never been so easy!

Installing and Setting Up Your New Remote Starter

Installing a remote car starter is actually quite straightforward for most vehicles. Here are the basic steps to get set up:

Purchase a Remote Starter Kit

The first thing you’ll need to do is buy a remote starter kit that is compatible with your specific vehicle make, model, and year. These kits typically come with everything you need for installation, including the starter module, wiring harness, remotes, and installation guide. You can find these at most auto parts stores or purchase online.

Install the Starter Module

The starter module is the “brain” of the system that receives signals from your remotes to start your engine. It is installed under the dash on the driver’s side, connected to your vehicle’s ignition wiring. Carefully follow the instructions in your kit to properly connect the correct wires to enable safe starting and operation.

Connect the Wiring Harness

The wiring harness provides power from your vehicle’s battery to the starter module. One end plugs into the module, the other connects to your vehicle’s fuse box under the hood. Route the cable through the firewall into the engine bay, then link up the connections according to the guide.

Program the Remotes

Your kit will come with either one- or two-way remotes to control the starter. Follow the steps to put the remote(s) into learning mode, then press a button on the starter module to link and program the remotes. Test them to ensure the remotes properly lock, unlock and remote start your vehicle.

Safety Check

Once installation is complete, do a final safety check. Ensure all connections are secure with no exposed wires. Test that the emergency brake shuts off the engine, and that the hood switch properly disables the remote starter when the hood is open for safety.

With the installation done and safety checks passed, you’re all set to start your vehicle from the comfort of inside using your new remotes. Enjoy the convenience of a warm vehicle in winter or cool cabin in summer with your easy to install remote starter!

Automate Your Remote Start

Troubleshooting Common Remote Start Issues

So you’ve installed your fancy new remote start system but now it’s not working properly. Don’t panic! There are a few common issues that are typically easy to resolve.

Weak or Dead Battery

The battery in your vehicle powers the remote start system. If the battery is low or dead, the remote start won’t work. Try recharging or replacing your battery to get the remote start functioning again.

Out of Range

The range of most remote starts is only 100 to 300 feet. If you’re too far from your vehicle, the signal won’t reach it. Move closer to your vehicle and press the start button again.


Devices like cordless phones, WiFi routers, and microwaves can jam the radio frequency and disrupt your remote start signal. Try moving away from potential interference sources and test your remote start again.

Wrong Vehicle Selected

If you have multiple vehicles with remote starts, be sure you’re sending the signal to the correct one. Double check that the make, model, and year shown on your remote start fob matches the vehicle you’re trying to start.

Needs Reprogramming

Over time, the programmed settings in your remote start system can become corrupted. If troubleshooting doesn’t work, it may need to be reprogrammed by a professional. Contact the company that installed your remote start for reprogramming.

Don’t get discouraged if your remote start isn’t functioning perfectly. With some basic troubleshooting, you’ll likely be able to get it working again in no time. If all else fails, call on the experts to examine and reprogram your system so you can get back to enjoying the convenience of remote starting your vehicle.


So there you have it, a few easy ways to automate your remote start and make your life a little easier. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can get your vehicle warmed up and ready to go before you even step outside. No more shivering in the cold while your engine warms up or scraping ice and snow off the windows. Automating your remote start is seriously a game changer for comfort and convenience. Give one of these options a try and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Stay cozy out there!


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