The Best Apple Headsets: Our Top Picks

Apple Headsets

Ever tried using the basic earbuds that come with your iPhone and felt like your music sounded flat or phone calls were echoey? You’re not alone. The included Apple earbuds get the job done in a pinch but they’re not the best for sound quality or comfort.If you’re ready to upgrade to a dedicated headset made for your iPhone or other Apple devices, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Apple-compatible headsets on the market based on sound quality, noise cancelation, comfort, and connectivity. Whether you’re looking for wired or wireless, in-ear or over-ear, basic or high-end, there’s an excellent headset here for you. Keep reading to find your perfect match and get ready to experience your Apple devices like never before. The music will sound fuller, calls will be clearer, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t upgrade sooner.

Apple Headsets: An Overview

Apple Headsets

Apple headsets have come a long way. Now you have wireless options, noise-canceling models, and headsets tailored for everything from music to gaming. With so many choices, picking the best Apple headset for you can be tricky.

Wireless vs Wired

If you want to cut the cord, AirPods and AirPods Pro are fantastic wireless options. AirPods connect instantly and offer great sound quality for calls, music, and more. AirPods Pro add active noise cancelation, water resistance, and customizable silicone ear tips for extra comfort. However, wired headsets like EarPods provide a simple, affordable solution and never need charging.

Noise Cancelation

For frequent travelers or those in loud environments, noise-canceling headsets are a must. The AirPods Pro and Beats Studio3 Wireless both offer excellent active noise cancelation to block out ambient noise. If you’re on a budget, 1More Dual Driver ANC Pro headphones provide solid noise cancelation at a lower price point.


Consider how you’ll use your headset. Options like Powerbeats Pro and Beats Solo3 Wireless are tailored for workouts with water resistance and enhanced bass. Beats Studio3 Wireless and Sony WH-1000XM3 offer premium sound quality for music. And the Razer Opus aims to provide an immersive experience for mobile gaming.

With a range of styles, prices, and features, you can find an Apple headset perfect for your needs. Focus on what factors matter most to you, compare the choices, and you’ll be listening in style in no time.

Top Pick: AirPods Max for Premium Sound

The AirPods Max are Apple’s premium over-ear headphones, delivering high-fidelity sound and the best noise cancelation of any Apple headset. At $549, they’re pricey, but for audiophiles, the investment may be worth it.

Superior sound quality

The AirPods Max feature Apple’s H1 chip, the same used in the AirPods Pro, along with high-fidelity drivers that provide rich, full sound. They support spatial audio for an immersive experience with Dolby Atmos content. If sound quality is your top priority, the AirPods Max are tough to beat.

Best-in-class active noise cancelation

The AirPods Max block out ambient noise better than any other Apple headphone. You can choose between three levels of cancelation – light, balanced, or maximum – depending on your needs. Their over-ear design also provides passive noise isolation. For frequent flyers or those in loud environments, the AirPods Max are a great choice.

Premium design

The AirPods Max have an all-aluminum frame with mesh fabric and telescoping headband. At just over 1 pound, they’re heavy but the weight is distributed well. The ear cups rotate and the headband is adjustable for maximum comfort. While the design is sleek, the price tag is steep. If budget is a concern, you may want to consider more affordable options.

In the end, if you want the best sound and noise cancelation Apple has to offer, and budget isn’t an issue, the AirPods Max are an exceptional choice. For most casual listeners though, the $549 price may be hard to justify.

Best Value: Beats Studio for Affordability

Apple Headsets

The Beats Studio3 are a great, affordable option if you’re looking for quality Apple-compatible headphones without breaking the bank. At around $200, the Beats Studio3 offer solid sound quality, long battery life, and Apple’s W1 wireless chip for easy connectivity, all at a lower price point than other Beats models.

Crystal Clear Sound

The Beats Studio3 feature Apple’s W1 wireless chip which provides a strong, fast connection for high quality streaming audio with minimal skipping or lagging. Combined with Beats’ premium, adjustable acoustics, you’ll get a balanced, crisp listening experience whether you prefer more bass or balanced mids and highs. The over-ear cushions also provide passive noise cancelation to block out ambient noise.

All Day Power

With up to 22 hours of battery life on a single charge, the Beats Studio3 will keep the music going for your longest listening sessions or flights. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery only takes a few hours to repower via USB, so you’ll be back to jamming in no time. An auto-off feature helps maximize your battery life by turning off the headphones when they’ve been inactive for 10 minutes.

Seamless Connectivity

Equipped with Apple’s custom W1 chip, the Beats Studio3 offer a strong wireless Bluetooth connection with extended range and fewer dropouts. They instantly pair to your iPhone or iPad, and seamlessly switch between multiple Apple devices signed in with the same iCloud account. The W1 chip also enables fast charging—a quick 10-minute charge provides 3 hours of playback.

For high quality, Apple-compatible headphones at a lower cost, the Beats Studio3 are a superb choice. They provide premium sound, extensive battery life, and fast connectivity for an immersive listening experience at an affordable price point. The Beats Studio3 are a solid value for any Apple user looking to upgrade their audio without overspending.

Most Durable: Powerbeats Pro for Rugged Use

The Powerbeats Pro are Apple’s premium wireless earbuds designed for active lifestyles. If you’re hard on your headphones, these are made to take a beating.

Designed for Durability

The Powerbeats Pro are sweat and water resistant, so they can handle even the most intense workouts. Their reinforced design is durable enough to withstand drops, tumbles and snags that would destroy regular earbuds. The adjustable ear hooks are made of a strong but flexible material to keep the earbuds securely in place no matter how active you get.

Tough Yet Comfortable

While the Powerbeats Pro are built tough, they’re still comfortable for all-day wear. The earhooks and eartips come in multiple sizes so you can find the perfect fit. The earbuds themselves are lightweight, and the earhooks distribute their weight evenly so they don’t cause ear fatigue. Controls on each earbud make it easy to adjust volume, skip tracks and take calls without needing to grab your phone.

If you want wireless earbuds that can keep up with your active lifestyle, the Powerbeats Pro should be at the top of your list. Their durable and sweat-resistant design means they’re ideal for workouts, runs, commutes or just powering through your day. And with up to 9 hours of battery life, they’ll last as long as you do. The Powerbeats Pro do come at a premium price, but for the construction and performance they offer, they’re worth every penny.

While the Powerbeats Pro are an investment, their rugged build quality and comfort mean they’ll provide years of enjoyment for iPhone users and athletes alike. If you want the freedom of true wireless earbuds but need something more durable than the standard options, the Powerbeats Pro are the perfect choice. They’re hands-down the most rugged, long-lasting earbuds in Apple’s audio lineup.

For Audiophiles: AirPods Pro for Rich Audio

Apple Headsets

For the audiophile in your life (or yourself!), the AirPods Pro offer high-fidelity sound quality for a premium listening experience. Their noise-canceling feature blocks out ambient noise so you can focus on your music.

Active Noise Cancelation

The AirPods Pro come with three sizes of soft, tapered silicone ear tips for a customizable fit that creates an acoustic seal to block out environmental noise. This active noise cancelation can reduce background sounds by up to 95%, allowing you to listen without distraction. You can also switch to “Transparency mode” to let in outside sounds when needed, like hearing traffic or flight announcements.

Spatial Audio

These wireless buds offer an immersive surround sound experience with dynamic head tracking. No matter how you turn your head, the sound field stays anchored in space, providing a theater-like experience. Spatial audio works with 5.1, 7.1, and Dolby Atmos tracks, placing different sounds in a 360-degree sphere around you.

Premium Build and Comfort

The AirPods Pro feature a lightweight, in-ear design and IPX4-rated sweat and water resistance, making them ideal for workouts or long listening sessions. The ear tips are made of soft, flexible silicone and come in three sizes for maximum comfort and the best fit. The force sensor on each earbud lets you easily control playback, and the AirPods Pro case provides more than 24 hours of extra battery life on a single charge.

For the audiophile looking for a top-of-the-line listening experience, the feature-packed AirPods Pro are an excellent choice. With premium active noise cancelation, spatial audio, a customizable fit and high-quality sound, Apple’s AirPods Pro offer an unparalleled audio experience for iPhone users. At around $250, they are an investment, but for many, the enhanced acoustics are well worth the price.


So there you have it, some of the best Apple headsets available today. Whether you want to listen to music, take calls, or tune out the world, one of these options is sure to fit your needs and budget. The truth is, you really can’t go wrong with any of these choices. But now that you’ve seen the options, you can make an informed decision and find the perfect set of headphones for you. What are you waiting for? Pick out your favorite, place your order, and get ready to experience your Apple devices like never before. The amazing sound quality will make you wonder how you ever lived without them. Happy listening!


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