The Best Quantum Computing Stocks to Buy Now

Quantum Computing Stocks

You’ve probably heard the buzz around quantum computing and how it’s going to revolutionize technology as we know it. What you may not realize is that quantum computing is already here – and it’s time to get in on the ground floor by investing in the companies leading the charge. As an investor, you have an opportunity to support the innovative companies building this futuristic tech and potentially reap big rewards.

Quantum computing is poised to solve complex problems that today’s computers can’t handle and enable new breakthroughs in fields like artificial intelligence, healthcare, finance, and more. The companies that are pushing quantum computing forward could see explosive growth over the next decade. Here are the top quantum computing stocks to buy now so you can be part of the quantum revolution.

Quantum Computing Stocks

An Introduction to Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is an exciting new field of technology that harnesses the power of quantum mechanics to solve complex problems. Instead of the binary bits of traditional computing, quantum computers use quantum bits or “qubits” that can exist in superposition, holding multiple states at once.

How Quantum Computers Work

Quantum computers tap into the quantum properties of atoms or particles to perform calculations on an immense scale. They utilize principles like superposition and entanglement to operate on many possible solutions simultaneously. This allows them to solve certain problems much faster than conventional computers.

Think of it this way: If a classic computer was a bicycle, a quantum computer would be a rocket ship. They have the potential to vastly outperform our current systems, enabling breakthroughs in areas like machine learning, drug design, and renewable energy.

The Rise of Quantum Computing Stocks

As quantum computing moves from theory to reality, forward-looking companies are investing heavily in its development. Tech giants like Google, IBM, and Microsoft have been developing quantum computers and offering access to them through the cloud. Smaller companies focused specifically on quantum tech, like IonQ and Rigetti Computing, have also gone public recently through SPAC mergers.

For investors, these quantum computing stocks offer a chance to get in on the ground floor of a technology that could transform our future. While still risky, the rewards could be huge if any of these companies end up dominating the nascent quantum computing market. The era of quantum computing is just beginning, but these pioneering companies are poised to lead the way.

Why Invest in Quantum Computing Now?

Why invest in quantum computing now? This emerging technology is poised to transform our world in massive ways, and the companies leading the charge could see huge gains.

The next tech revolution is here.

Quantum computing promises to solve complex problems far beyond the capabilities of today’s best supercomputers. Things like modeling molecular interactions to discover new drugs, optimizing renewable energy grids, and improving artificial intelligence. The companies that solve these complex challenges first will shape the future.

Major tech players are investing heavily.

Tech giants like Google, IBM, and Microsoft are pouring billions into quantum computing research. They see it as the next frontier of computing that could give them a competitive edge. The companies that make breakthroughs in quantum hardware or software could generate huge revenues from services, intellectual property, and partnerships.

Get in on the ground floor.

Quantum computing is still an emerging field, but many startups are working to commercialize the technology. Investing in these companies now, before quantum computing hits mainstream, means getting in at a lower valuation and higher growth potential. While risky, the rewards could be enormous if any become leaders in the quantum computing space.

The future is quantum. Though still a new and complex field, quantum computing is poised to transform technology and society in profound ways. The companies leading this computing revolution could generate massive gains for forward-thinking investors. The future starts now—are you ready to invest in it?

Quantum Computing Stocks

Top Publicly Traded Quantum Computing Companies

If you want to invest in the future of quantum computing, here are some of the top publicly traded companies leading the way.

Google (Alphabet Inc.)

Google is one of the largest companies investing in quantum computing. They have been working on quantum computing for years and recently claimed to have achieved “quantum supremacy” with their Sycamore processor. While still a long way off from commercial use, Google’s quantum computing efforts make Alphabet Inc. an attractive investment for believing in the future of quantum computing.


IBM is a leader in quantum computing and has made major investments in quantum research. They currently have over 20 quantum computers available through the cloud for anyone to access and develop on. IBM believes quantum computing will achieve mainstream adoption within the next decade and is positioning itself to be a major provider of quantum computing services. If you think quantum computing will take off in the 2020s, IBM is a promising stock to consider.


Microsoft has been ramping up its quantum computing efforts in recent years through its Quantum Computing Lab. They are taking a holistic approach to advancing quantum computing by bringing together researchers, developers, and industry partners. While still emerging, Microsoft’s quantum computing initiatives and investments in developing a quantum ecosystem could make it an interesting long-term investment, especially if quantum computing starts gaining more mainstream traction in the next 5-10 years.


Intel recently unveiled its new Horse Ridge II cryogenic control chip for quantum computing systems. The company has invested heavily in quantum computing research and development over the past few years. If Intel is able to achieve key milestones with its quantum chips and technologies, its stock could benefit greatly from being an early leader in the quantum computing space. However, quantum computing is still quite speculative, so Intel is a higher-risk bet on the future of quantum computing.

In summary, some of the top publicly traded companies currently leading the way in quantum computing and poised to potentially benefit if it becomes mainstream are Alphabet (Google), IBM, Microsoft, and Intel. While very speculative, these companies’ investments in quantum computing make them stocks to watch for believing in the long-term promise of quantum computing.

Emerging Quantum Computing Startups to Watch

Emerging quantum computing startups are poised to shape the future of this groundbreaking new technology. While major tech companies like Google, IBM, and Microsoft have significant head starts, a few startups are making innovative strides in the field. Keep an eye on these up-and-coming players.

Rigetti Computing

Rigetti Computing is building a full-stack quantum computing platform to make the power of quantum computing accessible to all. They’ve created a quantum integrated circuit called Aspen-8 that can perform complex computational tasks using supercooled qubits. Rigetti aims to build a quantum computer that demonstrates “quantum advantage” for real-world applications. With $119 million in funding so far, this startup is one to watch.


Xanadu is developing photonic quantum computers that encode information using quantum states of photons instead of electrons. Their approach uses tools from nonlinear and quantum optics to manipulate and measure photonic qubits. Xanadu has raised $32 million to build quantum computers that leverage photonics to achieve faster processing speeds and higher qubit counts. They plan to release their first photonic quantum computer, Borealis, in 2022.

Zapata Computing

Zapata Computing is focused on building quantum algorithms and applications for near-term quantum devices. They’ve raised $66 million to develop quantum software and machine learning tools that can run on today’s noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) computers as well as more advanced systems still on the horizon. Zapata is working with partners like Honeywell Quantum Solutions to demonstrate real-world benefits of quantum computing for applications like drug design, financial modeling, and quantum chemistry.

Quantum Circuits

Quantum Circuits is developing superconducting quantum computers that can operate at higher temperatures, reducing infrastructure needs. They’ve raised $18 million to build systems with 100 qubits or more that don’t require expensive dilution refrigerators to reach extreme cryogenic temperatures. If successful, Quantum Circuits’ approach could dramatically lower the cost of quantum computing and accelerate its mainstream adoption. The company plans to release their first quantum computers in 2023.

Quantum Computing Stocks

How to Invest in Quantum Computing Stocks

Quantum computing is an exciting new field, but how can investors get in on the action? Here are some tips for investing in quantum computing stocks:

Look for companies with patents or partnerships

Companies with strong intellectual property in quantum computing or partnerships with leading quantum researchers are good bets. Some options include:

  • IBM – Has quantum computing patents and partnerships with research labs. Recently released a quantum computing cloud service.
  • Google (Alphabet) – Has a quantum computing lab called Google AI Quantum. Has made some notable achievements in quantum computing and has patents in the field.
  • Microsoft – Is developing quantum algorithms and has a quantum computing development kit. Partnering with research institutions on quantum computing.
  • Rigetti Computing – A start-up that builds quantum integrated circuits and computing systems. Has raised over $100 million in funding from major VC firms. Could be an interesting speculative play.

Consider exchange-traded funds

For broader exposure, consider an exchange-traded fund like the ARK Next Generation Internet ETF, which invests in companies focused on cloud computing, cybersecurity, eCommerce and artificial intelligence. Quantum computing companies could benefit in the fund as the technology advances.

Buy shares of promising small companies

Some venture-backed startups are developing quantum computing technology. Buying shares of these companies, if available, could provide big returns if they are successful, although risks are high. Look for startups with solid funding and partnerships with major tech companies or research labs.

Keep an eye on software companies

As quantum computing matures, companies that develop software and applications optimized for quantum computers could benefit. Look for traditional software companies making moves into quantum software, or new startups focused on quantum algorithms and applications. These could be tomorrow’s hot quantum stocks.

Staying on the cutting edge of quantum computing will help you identify companies poised for gains from this exciting new technology. While still risky, the rewards could be huge for investors who pick the right quantum stocks.


So there you have it, the quantum computing stocks with the most promise for potentially huge gains in the coming years. The quantum computing revolution is happening now, and these companies are poised to lead the charge. While still a emerging and complex field, quantum computing is the future. The technology has the potential to solve problems that today’s computers can’t even begin to approach.

Though risky, the rewards could be life-changing if you get in early. Do your own research, consider your risk tolerance, and think long-term. Quantum computing is a new frontier – but the pioneers who boldly go where no investor has gone before could end up discovering a whole new world of wealth. The future is quantum, the time is now. Are you ready to take the leap into the computing unknown? The choice is yours. But as for us, we’re betting big on the quantum revolution. The future starts today.


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