The Power of vRealize Automation: Automate All the Things

vRealize Automation

You know that feeling when you spend more time manually configuring servers and deploying applications than actually innovating? As an IT pro, you’re under constant pressure to deliver services faster while keeping costs down. What if there was a way to automate all those repetitive, mundane tasks so you could focus on the really fun, creative stuff?

Well, now there is. VMware’s vRealize Automation is your ticket to full-stack automation nirvana. With vRA, you can automate the provisioning and lifecycle management of infrastructure, applications, and custom IT services. We’re talking self-service portals where users can deploy environments on-demand, automated provisioning and scaling of workloads, and built-in governance to keep your automation in check.

If you’re tired of laboriously building servers by hand and want to transform your IT operations, vRealize Automation will automate all the things so you don’t have to. In this article, we’ll dive into how vRA can revolutionize the way you deliver IT services through the power of automation. Get ready to free up your time, impress your users, and become an infrastructure automation rock star. Automation awaits!

vRealize Automation

What Is vRealize Automation?

What Is vRealize Automation?

vRealize Automation is VMware’s cloud management platform that provides a unified management experience to automate the delivery of IT services across private and public clouds. It allows you to automate the deployment and management of workloads, infrastructure, and applications.

With vRealize Automation, you can automate:

  • Provisioning: Spin up virtual machines, containers, and bare metal servers on demand.
  • Lifecycle management: Manage the full lifecycle of resources from initial provisioning through retirement.
  • Governance: Set policies and controls for resources to ensure security, compliance and efficient utilization.
  • Self-service: Give end users a catalog to request new IT services and resources on their own.

By enabling IT to provide infrastructure and applications as a automated service, vRealize Automation speeds up delivery, increases efficiency, and improves control and compliance. It supports multiple private cloud platforms like vSphere, vCloud Director and OpenStack, as well as public clouds like AWS and Azure.

The main components in vRealize Automation include:

  1. Service Catalog: A self-service portal for end users to request new IT services.
  2. Cloud Assembly: A tool for IT to model infrastructure, networking and security policies.
  3. Code Stream: A tool to automate the build and release of applications.
  4. vRealize Operations: Add-on to provide health monitoring, performance optimization, and cost analysis.

In summary, vRealize Automation can help transform your data center into an automated, self-service private cloud and extend that model to include public cloud services. It’s the platform that can automate all the things.

Benefits of Automating IT Processes With vRealize

One of the biggest benefits of vRealize Automation is how much time it saves. By automating repetitive tasks, your IT team can focus on strategic initiatives instead of mundane chores.

For example, onboarding new employees used to be tedious. ###Provisioning resources

You had to manually provision resources like laptops, phones, software, and system access. With vRealize Automation, you can automate the entire provisioning process. Simply enter details about the new employee and their role, and the platform automatically assigns the appropriate resources based on your policies.

Managing access and compliance

vRealize Automation also makes it easy to manage user access and ensure compliance. You can configure automated approvals for resource requests to maintain oversight, while empowering users with self-service options. The system automatically tracks each user’s access, so you have an audit trail to prove compliance with regulations like SOX or HIPAA.

Optimizing resources

Do you have resources that are consistently underutilized? vRealize Automation allows you to analyze resource usage patterns so you can optimize allocation. For example, you may find that a group only uses their dedicated server during certain hours each day. You can then configure the system to automatically shut down the server when not in use to save energy and costs.

By automating IT processes with vRealize Automation, you gain major benefits like improved efficiency, better security and compliance, optimized resource usage, and cost savings. Your IT team can shift their focus to more strategic work, and your company can reallocate budget and staff to drive innovation. The power of automation allows you to do more with less.

vRealize Automation

Key Capabilities of vRealize Automation

vRealize Automation provides several powerful capabilities to help automate infrastructure and applications.

Blueprint Design

Blueprints allow you to design infrastructure templates with pre-configured VMs, networks, storage, and security groups. Blueprints can include variables so you can reuse the same blueprint for multiple deployments. Using blueprints, you can deploy multi-tier applications with the push of a button.

Lifecycle Management

vRealize Automation manages the entire lifecycle of deployed resources. It can handle initial deployment, on-going operations like start, stop and restart, as well as resource reclamation to save costs. You have visibility into resource utilization and costs across private and public clouds.

Governance and Compliance

Robust policy controls are built-in to ensure resources are deployed and managed in accordance with your governance and compliance standards. You can create approval policies, limit which blueprints and actions different users can access, and apply tags to track resources.


vRealize Automation integrates with various infrastructure platforms like vSphere, AWS, Azure and OpenStack. It also integrates with tools like ServiceNow, vRealize Operations, and vRealize Business for IT. These integrations allow you to manage resources across platforms through a single interface and gain valuable insights into your infrastructure.

vRealize Automation makes infrastructure automation achievable for organizations of any size. With its simple yet powerful capabilities, you’ll be automating all the things in no time. But start small – pick a use case like automating VM deployment and build from there. vRealize Automation will transform how you design, deploy and manage IT services.

Implementing vRealize Automation in Your Environment

Once you have vRealize Automation installed in your environment, it’s time to start automating all the things! vRA allows you to automate the delivery of virtual machines, applications, custom services, and more.

Blueprint Design

The first step is designing blueprints, which are templates that define all the components of your automation. You’ll create blueprints for VMs, applications, XaaS (Anything as a Service) items, and custom services. Blueprints specify things like:

  • VM size and OS
  • Network settings
  • Security and storage profiles
  • Application dependencies
  • Custom properties

Blueprints provide flexibility and modularity, allowing you to create templates for many use cases.

Entitlements and Governance

Next, you need to determine who has access to your blueprints by setting up entitlements. Entitlements establish roles and permissions, ensuring proper governance and access control. You can create entitlements for:

  • Business groups
  • Departments
  • Individual users

Set entitlements at a granular level to strictly govern provisioning and access.


vRA allows you to manage infrastructure, networking, storage, and security through abstracted resource pools. Resource pools let you allocate infrastructure capacity without worrying about the underlying hardware specifics. vRA will automatically select resources from the appropriate pools when a request is made, simplifying infrastructure management.

Day 2 Operations

Once your environment is set up and automated, you need to manage day 2 operations like:

  • Monitoring health and capacity
  • Patching and updating
  • Backup and recovery
  • Compliance and security

vRA provides tools for managing your environment long after initial provisioning. Continually optimize and improve your vRealize Automation implementation to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and enable your hybrid cloud.

vRealize Automation

Real-World Use Cases and Success Stories for vRealize Automation

vRealize Automation helps companies automate IT processes to increase efficiency, reduce costs and enable digital transformation. There are several common use cases where vRealize Automation shines.

Streamlining Infrastructure Provisioning

Deploying new infrastructure used to be a tedious, manual process requiring many steps. vRealize Automation automates the provisioning of virtual machines, storage, networks and more. Users can request infrastructure through a self-service catalog and have it deployed automatically in minutes. This speeds up the process and reduces the burden on IT staff.

Improving Compliance

vRealize Automation helps ensure compliance with security policies and governance controls. It provides role-based access control, approval workflows, and policy enforcement to properly control who can access and provision which resources. Detailed logging and auditing give insight into who requested what and when.

Optimizing Resource Utilization

With vRealize Automation, you have visibility into all your resources and how they’re being used. This allows you to track usage trends over time and make data-driven decisions about resource allocation to avoid waste and cut costs. You can also reclaim idle resources that aren’t actively being used so they can be put to better use.

Empowering Developers

Developers can be granted self-service access to provision the infrastructure they need through vRealize Automation’s catalog. This gives them more independence and flexibility so they can spin up environments and resources on their own without waiting for requests to be fulfilled by IT staff. Developers have the freedom to work more efficiently while still staying within the guardrails set by IT governance policies.

vRealize Automation is a powerful tool for automating IT processes and transforming your infrastructure. The use cases are many, and companies frequently discover new ways to leverage its capabilities for even greater business impact. What innovative use cases will you uncover? The possibilities are endless!


So there you have it. vRealize Automation is an incredibly powerful tool for IT administrators and architects looking to automate their infrastructure. With its robust features like blueprinting, resource allocation, and policy management you’ll be automating everything in sight before you know it. No more tedious manual provisioning or configuration—let vRA handle that for you. The time you’ll save can be put towards more strategic initiatives. And with integrations into your existing tools like vSphere, networking, storage, and more, the automation possibilities are truly endless. What are you waiting for? Dive in and see the power of vRealize Automation for yourself. You’ll be automating all the things in no time.


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