On Friday, Judge Arthur Engoron delivered the most significant blow to Donald Trump yet, imposing a fine of $355 million for unlawfully inflating the values of his properties.

Engoron determined Trump's responsibility for fraud, conspiracy, and the dissemination of false financial statements and business records. Additionally, he prohibited Trump from serving as a director of a New York-based company for three years.

Although he refrained from completely dissolving the Trump Organization, Engoron delivered a scathing 93-page opinion portraying the former president as unrepentant and highly prone to committing fraud once more.

Sources familiar with the situation have confirmed to CNN that Former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants will probably have to pay the entire $355 million judgment ordered by Judge Arthur Engoron on Friday, along with potential interest, to proceed with an appeal.

The sources clarified that this is the standard procedure mandated by the law, although certain details, such as the total amount subject to freeze, might undergo adjustments.

The funds will be held in an account during the appellate process, which could potentially stretch over several years of litigation.

The 9% interest mandated by Judge Engoron for Trump and his company on the nearly $355 million judgment will persist until it is paid in accordance with the order.

In his statement on Friday evening, former President Donald Trump reiterated his previous assertions, alleging that President Joe Biden was secretly involved in the civil fraud case in New York.

"It's all orchestrated by the DOJ, all at the direction of Biden," Trump stated. "It's a witch hunt targeting his political adversary, unlike anything our country has ever witnessed."

Attorney General Letitia James hailed today's civil fraud ruling in remarks from New York, asserting that the court's decision favored every diligent American who abides by the rules.