On Friday, a New York jury directed former President Donald Trump to pay $83.3 million to E. Jean Carroll. This verdict was in response to accusations that he damaged her credibility as an advice columnist by labeling her a liar after she accused him of sexual assault.

The jury granted Carroll $65 million in punitive damages, $11 million for harm to her reputation, and an additional $7.3 million.

It is highly likely that Trump will appeal the decision.

The verdict, although substantial in terms of the penalty imposed, was anticipated.

Judge Lewis Kaplan determined, even prior to the trial, that Trump had indeed defamed Carroll.

The jury's sole responsibility was to determine the amount Trump owed her, not to establish his liability.

This marks the second occasion on which Trump has been directed to compensate Carroll; a year ago, a jury ordered him to pay $5 million for a distinct defamation incident.

In reaction, the Trump 2024 campaign released a statement asserting, without presenting evidence, that the trial is a "political weapon."

The statement exclaimed, "Utterly absurd!"

"I strongly disagree with both decisions and intend to appeal this entire Biden-directed witch hunt targeting me and the Republican Party."