As America Ferrera, portraying Barbie, celebrates her Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress, she is also responding to the fact that her co-star Margot Robbie and director Greta Gerwig did not make the final selection in their respective categories.

"I felt immense disappointment that they didn't receive nominations," remarked Ferrera, 39, to Variety on Tuesday, while also reflecting on her own nomination.

In total, Barbie garnered eight nominations, ranking fourth among all movies. However, both Gerwig, 40, and Robbie, 33, were excluded from the Best Director and Best Actress categories. Gerwig secured a nomination as one of Barbie's screenwriters in Best Adapted Screenplay, while Robbie received a Best Picture nomination as a producer on the film.

"Greta has accomplished nearly everything a director could to merit it," Ferrera remarked about Gerwig's absence from the five-person Best Director category. "She created this world, transforming something that didn't inherently hold value for most into a global phenomenon."

"It's disheartening not to see her on that list," Ferrera expressed.

Regarding Robbie, who has garnered two previous Oscar acting nominations, Ferrera informed the outlet that "what she accomplished as an actress in Barbie is truly remarkable."

Fill in some tex"One of Margot's qualities as an actress is how effortlessly she makes everything appear. Perhaps, people were misled into thinking that the work looks easy," she remarked.t

Fill in some tex"Margot is a magician in front of the screen as an actress, and it was one of the highlights of my career to witness her deliver the incredible performance she did," she expressed.t

"She infuses the character with an abundance of heart, humor, depth, joy, and fun," Ferrera added.

The unexpected omissions of Robbie and Gerwig from the acting and directing categories came as a surprise, especially considering that both women received nominations at the recent Golden Globe Awards and Critics Choice Awards.