"According to Los Angeles Angels' third baseman Anthony Rendon, baseball has never been his foremost priority, as he plays the sport primarily to earn a living."

"Rendon delivered his direct comments on Monday as the Angels' position players arrived at spring training camp."

"The former All-Star, who has faced injuries throughout his career, expressed that his passion for baseball has remained consistent. He was then questioned about whether his viewpoint on the game has evolved."

"Baseball has never been my top priority," Rendon explained. "This is a profession for me. I play to support myself and my family. My faith and family will always take precedence over this job. If anything conflicts with them, I'll prioritize them over baseball."

"At 33 years old, Rendon acknowledged that getting married and having four children has shifted his perspective. However, he underscored that baseball still holds importance to him, even if it isn't his utmost priority."

"In MESA, Ariz., the Chicago Cubs kicked off the MLB offseason with a bold move, enticing manager Craig Counsell from the rival Milwaukee Brewers with a $40 million contract in mid-November. This move led many within the sport to speculate that it might mark the beginning of an active winter for the Cubs, despite Jed Hoyer's statement suggesting otherwise."

"Skipping ahead to the beginning of spring training, it appears that the team's president of baseball operations might have been correct, as the roster closely resembles the one from last year that narrowly missed the playoffs by a single game."

"Admittedly, there have been some additions, such as 30-year-old starter Shota Imanaga and 34-year-old reliever Hector Neris. However, the most notable attention has been drawn to the moves the Cubs chose not to make."

"Although the Cubs were rumored to be in the running for Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto, they ultimately didn't acquire either of these highly sought-after free agents, nor did they secure any other top-tier players."

"Furthermore, up to this juncture, they haven't managed to re-sign Cody Bellinger, who played center field at Wrigley Field last season, as he remains a free agent."