EXCLUSIVE: Bradley Cooper had an exceptionally positive morning.

Not only did he achieve three individual Oscar nominations today for his film "Maestro," Bradley Cooper also became part of an exclusive group of actors who have directed themselves into Best Actor nominations twice. This distinguished list includes Laurence Olivier (who accomplished it three times), Clint Eastwood, and Warren Beatty.

However, this is not a new experience for Cooper, who had previously received nine Oscar nominations in various categories such as producer, screenwriter, and five times for acting. Despite his prior recognition, this one holds a particularly special significance.

"I mean, first of all, it's the year itself. To be included in a year with such incredible films is remarkable."

As we were completing the film, there was a discussion about whether it would be released next year or this year. I distinctly recall knowing the lineup of movies set to premiere.

I thought it would be truly amazing if we were fortunate enough to be in the mix with these films and performances, so it's an absolute thrill.

Fill in some textFor all the effort everyone invested, to be recognized by many of us, you know, Pete, it's quite surreal," he chuckled during our phone conversation this morning.

Cooper also received three nominations from BAFTA last week, including one for Best Director—the only category where he did not receive an Oscar nomination this year. However, he mentioned that he wasn't disappointed about it at all.

"I genuinely didn't anticipate getting anything today, so the fact that we received seven nominations is incredible," he said. Regarding the BAFTA recognition, he added, "That truly meant a lot to us. The BAFTAs are incredible, and I'm excited."

"I'm just thrilled that we get to go and see each other," he expressed.