Can I see the 2024 solar eclipse?,

Where those entering the shadow (especially in the Western United States, Mexico, and Central and South America) will be able to see the spectacular event: the Ring Of Fire "Ring of Fire" solar eclipse.

Unlike a total solar eclipse, where the Moon blocks the entire Sun, a small amount of light still flows around the edge of the moon during an annular solar eclipse.

This is because an annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is slightly further away from the Earth in its orbit. This extra distance causes the moon to appear smaller than the sun, casting a bright shadow around it.

This is where the name "Ring of Fire" comes from. This is what eclipses look like. Pretty nice, right? (But don't look directly. More details below). “This is a rare sight. There will be 12 solar eclipses around the world in ten years.

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Using electric light from a track or star sun may cause damage to the eyes. NASA explains: "Although 99% of the Sun's surface (the photosphere) is visible during a partial eclipse, the rest of the Sun is still hot enough to burn the retina, even though the light is better than twilight."

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