CNN projects that South Carolina, the state that propelled Joe Biden to the Democratic nomination four years ago, will award the president his initial official primary victory of the 2024 campaign on Saturday.

This year marks South Carolina's debut at the forefront of the official Democratic nominating calendar—a shift largely influenced by Biden's advocacy.

In order to solidify South Carolina's position as the inaugural primary of the 2024 Democratic race, Biden made two visits to the Palmetto State last month. Additionally, Vice President Kamala Harris headlined a get-out-the-vote event at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg on Friday.

"At Brookland Baptist Church in Columbia last weekend, Biden addressed the Sunday lunch crowd, expressing, 'You've supported me, and I hope I've supported you in return.'"

Adding context: Although Biden faced minimal competition for the Democratic nomination, Saturday's primary held significance for the president as it symbolized a return to the location pivotal in propelling him to the Democratic nomination in 2020.

In that year's South Carolina primary, Biden entered with a struggle after placing fifth in the Iowa caucuses, fourth in the New Hampshire primary, and a distant second in the Nevada caucuses.

Nonetheless, the significant Black population in the Palmetto State—and a crucial endorsement from influential Democratic Representative—

Jim Clyburn's endorsement, combined with the Palmetto State's substantial Black population, propelled Biden to a resounding victory. This victory showcased his strength with a key Democratic constituency unmatched by any other primary contender.

Fast forward four years, the Biden campaign, along with its supporters in South Carolina, worked to solidify backing from Black voters. This effort was crucial for the president's reelection prospects, especially in battleground states like Georgia and the "blue wall" states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

"Inflation, open borders, and a lax approach to terrorism and antisemitism—Joe Biden is dismantling the American Dream. Let me be unequivocal: it's not just that the American people reject four more years of Joe Biden; it's that we cannot endure them," stated Drew McKissick, Chairman of the South Carolina GOP, in a news release.