Dan Quinn says defense was 'running our race' in win,

FRISCO, Texas There was more positivity in The Star Tuesday than a week ago when the Dallas Cowboys were resetting after a big loss, as this time the team could pull off a big win in the bye week. Standing firm at 4-2.

All week, we talked about running our race," Quinn said. "I thought that was an important message for us last week. We used Usain Bolt to say he wasn't looking at Justin Gatlin's lane four. He was worried about what was going on. We didn't look at lane four, and we needed that. .”

That race included a photo finish in the final minute, something the Cowboys have yet to face in five games.

"Man, I was pleased with him," Quinn said. "I felt the speed. I felt the rush coming out of the backfield, the contact, the hit. I saw it happen."

"He's on a roll," Fassel said. "I'm trying to lay with it. I know he's got a few kicks from this or that. I'm trying not to build too much."

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