On Wednesday, the leader of the Arizona Republican Party stepped down after a secretly recorded conversation surfaced, suggesting attempts to bribe Kari Lake into abstaining from the U.S. Senate race this year.

Fill in some texA 10-minute audio recording, released by the Daily Mail of London on Tuesday, exposed a discussion between Kari Lake, a Trump supporter who ran unsuccessfully for the governorship of Arizona in 2022, and Jeff DeWit, the Chair of the Arizona Republican Party.t

In the recording, DeWit seems to present Lake with different propositions, such as being added to a company payroll or receiving financial compensation, in return for refraining from running for public office for a "couple of years."

"Significant individuals with considerable influence are eager to prevent your candidacy, and they are prepared to make substantial financial commitments to ensure that," DeWit stated.

Fill in some teIt's not against the law, nor is it unprecedented, for high-ranking party officials to try to eliminate undesirable candidates, aiming to create a path for a more favored alternative.xt

In the recorded conversation, DeWit expressed apprehensions about Lake's capacity to raise sufficient funds for a successful U.S. Senate campaign. He also touched upon concerns about former President Donald Trump's potential for winning another election, which, in turn, could impact Lake's electability.

"I have doubts about Trump's ability to secure victory again," DeWit said. "I'm uncertain about his chances of winning."

However, DeWit seemed fully cognizant of the public perception associated with attempting to persuade Lake, a prominent MAGA figure with a national profile, through financial incentives.

Fill in In the recorded conversation, he consistently presented himself as a messenger for influential individuals from the eastern part of the country and requested Lake's discretion.some text

In a statement issued on Wednesday, DeWit accused Lake of being the undisclosed source for the Daily Mail.