Musk explained that elevated interest rates played a role in the quarter's low profit margins and emphasized that such margins would persist without rate reductions.

Fill in some tThe CEO restated his recent remarks, expressing the desire for 25% voting control before furthering Tesla's presence in the artificial intelligence domain.ext

Musk indicated that Optimis, Tesla's humanoid robot, might be ready for shipping as early as 2025.

Musk stated that the challenges related to Tesla's Cybertruck deliveries stem from a production matter rather than a demand issue.

Following Tesla's (TSLA) fourth-quarter earnings that failed to meet analyst estimates, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Musk stated, "If interest rates decrease rapidly, I anticipate favorable margins. However, if they don't decrease promptly, the margins wouldn't be as favorable."

Tesla stated that lower vehicle prices negatively impacted the company's revenue in the fourth quarter.

The electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer implemented substantial price reductions for buyers, influenced by macroeconomic conditions such as elevated interest rates impacting consumer spending.

Fill in some tThe automotive industry, in general, provided discounts on vehicles, with Tesla leading the way with a 25% decrease in the average sale price of its vehicles in December compared to the previous year.ext

Towards the conclusion of 2023, the Federal Reserve indicated that rate cuts are anticipated in the latter part of 2024.