The statement shared across his social media platforms comprised just four sentences, leaving uncertainty about whether he, as the tournament host, would attempt a return to the Genesis during Sunday's final round.

This message also marks the most recent development in the whirlwind of news surrounding Woods.

He had embarked on his first PGA Tour start since last April, when he withdrew from the Masters. During Thursday's opening round, he managed an inconsistent one-over 72, marked by five birdies.

Mark Dusbabek informed Golf Channel viewers that the withdrawal was not attributed to Tiger Woods' back issues, but rather to an illness.

Upon awakening this morning, the symptoms were more severe than they were the previous night.

He experienced a slight fever initially, which improved during the warm-up. However, once he began walking and playing, he started feeling dizzy.

Ultimately, the doctors have indicated that he may be suffering from some form of flu and dehydration.

He has received treatment with an IV bag and is showing significant improvement. He will soon be discharged to continue his recovery independently.

Question: "Just to confirm, considering the presence of numerous EMT trucks and personnel, there was a perception of a significant situation unfolding, correct?"

"I confirm my withdrawal from @thegenesisinv due to illness, specifically influenza."