Justine Triet's Cannes Palme d'Or-winning film "Anatomy of a Fall" further climbed the awards season ladder with five Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director.

"I am thrilled," Triet expressed on Tuesday from her residence in Paris upon hearing the news.

Triet noted that the Best Director nomination was "historic," as she believes she is the first French female filmmaker to achieve such recognition.

"This is surreal for me," Triet shared with Deadline. "It holds significant meaning because I'm not 20 years old; I'm 45, and I've experienced this industry for a long time. I lived through the era before the MeToo movement and witnessed the evolution of the situation for women."

She further commented, "The younger generation is going to contribute something very different compared to my experiences, and I eagerly anticipate witnessing the transformation of the entire industry for women. It holds great significance for me."

"It's absolutely astonishing, and, naturally, I was not expecting this," the filmmaker conveyed to us.

"It's incredibly beautiful, and it holds significant meaning, of course.

It signifies that a film has made an impact on someone.

It has the power to conquer all obstacles, making it a truly beautiful narrative for "Anatomy of a Fall."

It feels absolutely surreal to me at the moment.