Born in 1924, my grandfather experienced a childhood without running water or electricity, and he spent his days plowing fields behind a mule.

He witnessed profound transformations in both his life and the world around him.

Throughout all the shifting eras, he steadfastly adhered to his timeless principles: Faith, reverence for human dignity, equality, human rights, and the fundamental commandment to love your neighbor as yourself above all else.

Almost ten years ago, he faced five melanoma tumors in his brain and liver. We recalled the lyrics of an old gospel song, affirming his determination to "stay on the battlefield."

Throughout his entire life, he has dedicated himself to the pursuit of peace, human rights, democracy, and the alleviation of human suffering, channeling his faith and love into tangible actions for the betterment of others.

He has witnessed the Carter Center mobilize a diverse array of health workers, human rights advocates, and democracy champions, actively combatting diseases, fostering peace, and nurturing hope.

Even after 77 years of marriage, he remained by my grandmother's side until her final moments.

In the past year, we gathered almost 20,000 birthday wishes from more than 100 countries, a heartfelt gesture that moved him to tears in the small town of Plains, Georgia.

He has witnessed how the very technology that connects the world can also drive us apart.

Reflecting on the past, his endeavors at Camp David stand out as one of the enduring sources of hope in that prolonged and seemingly unsolvable conflict.