Host Dakota Johnson welcomed the "Mirrors" singer for his first appearance as a musical guest in over a decade this weekend.

During that moment, he performed another new track titled "Sanctified," featuring rapper and singer Tobe Nwigwe, who also graced the SNL stage with his presence.

Timberlake, aged 42, also delivered a performance of the lead single from his upcoming solo album, "Selfish," which was released just days prior on Wednesday.

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Jimmy Fallon, an SNL alum and close friend of Timberlake, introduced the track.

In fact, Fallon was prominently featured throughout the night, appearing alongside Timberlake during Johnson's monologue and joining the singer as they revisited former characters from the sketch series, including reprising their roles as the Gibbs brothers.

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Timberlake also made light of his "comeback" during the actress' opening monologue, joining her on stage after she mentioned their shared film, the 2010 hit drama, The Social Network.

Johnson, aged 34, asked the singer about the moment, to which he replied that he had heard his name mentioned and assumed it was his cue.

The actress and singer engaged in banter, with Timberlake offering his help for sketches and mentioning his past SNL hosting gig. Johnson playfully reminded him that it "was 10 years ago."

"Anyway, I'm delighted you selected my show for your return," Johnson told the singer.

"This is where we crack a joke like, 'First he brought sexy back, and now he's bringing comebacks,'" Timberlake quipped, eliciting laughter from the audience, before wishing Johnson good luck.