Meta's focus on efficiency throughout the year resulted in significant gains, further boosted by an enticing offer for investors, leading to a surge in its stock value.

On Thursday, the tech behemoth announced that its profit for the three-month period ending in December soared over 200% compared to the previous year, reaching $14 billion, surpassing the predictions of Wall Street analysts. Additionally, sales for the quarter surged by 25% from the same period last year, surpassing $40 billion.

Additionally, the company unveiled its inaugural cash dividend of $0.50 per share, scheduled to be disbursed on March 26 to shareholders recorded as of February 22. Furthermore, it disclosed a $50 billion share repurchase program.

Repurchasing shares and issuing dividends contribute to elevating stock prices by providing investors with cash incentives simply for retaining the stock. However, they face considerable criticism for potentially inflating stock values artificially, without directing resources towards employee benefits or enhancing the fundamental aspects of the business.

"In a statement, the company expressed its intention to continue paying cash dividends on a quarterly basis in the future."

The announcement caused Meta's (META) shares to soar by over 14% during Thursday's after-hours trading.

Thursday's report marked the fourth quarter of what Meta has termed its "year of efficiency," a strategy announced by Zuckerberg in February of the previous year.

The turnaround plan included layoffs and other cost-cutting measures, ultimately proving to be remarkably successful in reversing the revenue declines and share price weaknesses experienced in the previous year.

Meta reported on Thursday that its profits surged by 69% year-over-year to $39 billion for the full year in 2023.

By Thursday's closing bell, Meta's stock had surged by 109% since the same time last year.