"Dan Wetzel, Ross Dellenger, and SI's Pat Forde share their perspectives on Jim Harbaugh's departure from Michigan to take on the coaching role for the Los Angeles Chargers."

"After a memorable and eventful stint in college football, Michigan's head coach, Jim Harbaugh, has decided to make a comeback to the NFL, taking on the coaching role with the Los Angeles Chargers."

"The podcast reminisces about his tenure at Michigan, revisiting their cherished moments from the Harbaugh era."

"Sherrone Moore, currently Michigan's offensive coordinator, is set to take over as the next head coach for the Wolverines."

"The team delves into how Sherrone Moore can enhance the program in the season following a national championship win."

"With Harbaugh's departure, the NCAA faces decisions regarding Michigan's purported recruiting and cheating violations."

"The team discusses the suitable penalties for Michigan and questions whether the NCAA can effectively enforce punishments beyond mere symbolic gestures."

"The University of Texas continues its ongoing concern over the 'Horns Down' taunt, which escalated recently when BYU fans were reportedly asked to remove shirts displaying the phrase during a basketball game this past weekend."

"The team expresses surprise at Texas' sensitivity and doubts their ability to handle the potentially rowdier fans in the SEC."

Wrapping up the show, the team discusses former LSU wide receiver Kayshon Boutte's recent troubles with multiple sports gambling charges during his time at school.