Jalen Williams spurred on the enthusiastic crowd by waving his arms as the Thunder sealed a convincing 129-107 victory over the Clippers on Thursday night.

"That's exactly how I remember it," stated Paul George, reflecting on his time with the Thunder over two seasons.

The Thunder dominated them on Thursday night, but the Clippers remain a formidable opponent, as intimidating now as they've ever been during the Paul George-Kawhi Leonard era.

When Presti remarked in April 2022 that the Clippers "probably will win a title, maybe multiple titles in the next couple years," some interpreted it as Presti poking fun at a franchise he had already outmaneuvered.

However, Presti isn't known for provoking NBA controversies. He dislikes social media to such an extent that "trolling" likely isn't a term in his vocabulary.

Presti genuinely believed in the Clippers' exceptional talent, despite their recurring injury setbacks. This conviction remained steadfast even when Leonard was sidelined for the entire 2021-22 season with an ACL injury and the Clippers failed to make the playoffs.

OKC and LA both occupy top-four positions in the Western Conference, despite arriving there via vastly different paths.

The 2019 trade, widely recognized as a resounding victory for the Thunder, may ultimately prove to be mutually beneficial for both teams.

Despite enduring criticism, a championship would vindicate every decision made by the Clippers, absolving them from the trade involving Gilgeous-Alexander, who has since evolved into a perennial MVP contender.

The Thunder, naturally, not only benefited from the trade involving George but also from Kawhi Leonard's desire to return home to Los Angeles and team up with George, another native of L.A. Presti held the leverage that would facilitate this partnership.