I found myself at a mall on February 2nd, the day Apple launched its highly anticipated Vision Pro, an augmented reality headset that has been generating significant buzz in recent months.

I noticed some goggles on display at an Apple store and decided to try them on. However, I soon discovered that you needed to sign up for an official demonstration.

Luckily, they had an available slot, and I was able to get in right away! What follows is a review of my experience.

For those acquainted with Meta Quest, the appearance is quite reminiscent, but it's presented in the classic, premium Apple fashion, featuring a fabric mask that shields the goggles and exceptionally comfortable fabric straps.

The fabric mask can be removed to unveil the sleek, glass-like goggles underneath.

Prior to donning the Vision Pro, Apple prompts users to complete a brief quiz ensuring their eyes are prepared for device usage.

Currently, the Vision Pro cannot accommodate eyeglasses, but there are reports indicating that prescription lenses are available for purchase at an additional cost.

After completing the quiz, it indicated that I was cleared to try on the device. An Apple expert escorted me to a table, where I was seated and asked to gaze into an iPhone for a facial and ocular scan.

This procedure lasted a few minutes and fine-tuned the facial features and eye settings to tailor the goggles to your individual specifications.

Next, I was guided through the careful process of putting on the goggles and adjusting them to ensure maximum comfort.